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The Story Of Amani

It’s quite common for people to stumble over their words every now and then, leaving them feeling agitated yet move on rather quickly. However, individuals who stutter may experience heightened emotional and psychological reactions; which are important to highlight and address.

The worry of making a good first impression when you are a person who stutters is quite significant, as the misconception that anyone who stutters is less intellectual than their peers or friends can leave a life-long trauma.

This week’s story is of Amani who shares how she was impacted by the words she heard because of her stutter.

Below, is her her story in her own words:

My name is Amani. I’m 15 and I’m a person who stutters. I never expected that I could ever share my story because I was ashamed of my stutter.

I have stuttered since I was 7 years old and I have always ignored it because I was a kid then. Since I turned 14, I have been stuttering a lot and everyone started asking me why I talk like that? That made me sad because I can’t even speak normally. My mom asked me if they could take me to the doctor, to which I agreed. She took me and Alhamdulillah, I am a little better than before.

I don’t stutter as badly as I did before, just sometimes when I’m nervous but it’s okay. I got used to it and accepted it. I know how to control it today.

Thank you for giving my story a voice.

The story of Amani shows us that we need to build a world that is safe for everyone, including people who stutter. Educating ourselves on stuttering and the challenges people who stutter face allows us to minimize the unintentional trauma caused along with identifying ways to better support people who stutter.

There is no reason for people to be ashamed of their stutter or their family member’s stutter. It is important for us to provide a safe enough space for them to express themselves and their thoughts; away from judgement or misperceptions.

In Stutter UAE, we are dedicating our platform to empowering you and sharing your voice through your story to inspire others around the world!

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