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The Story Of Kholoud

Your stutter is the tip of the iceberg. The part that people see and hear is actually the smaller part. The component underneath is by far the most significant—the humiliation, fear, guilt, and other emotions that arise when we try to pronounce a simple statement and fail.

​​Apprehension of stuttering stems mostly from your shame and dislike of it. Playing the bogus role, pretending your stuttering doesn’t exist, is another source of anxiety. If you are just brave enough, you can do something about your fear. Above the surface, you can be honest about your stuttering. You can learn to talk regardless, to move forward in the face of dread. Simply said, you have the freedom to be yourself.

Then you’ll be free of the insecurity that comes with posturing. That part of the iceberg beneath the surface will be reduced. This is the component that must be completed first. Simply being yourself and being frank about your stuttering will relieve a lot of stress.

This week we are here with a story of a young woman, sharing her experience with her stutter and how she chose to be brave and love herself. This is the story of Kholoud.

Read her story in her own words.

Since I was a kid starting from grade 3, I have had to deal with my stutter and the emotions and reactions it brings. I used to be afraid of speaking publicly or at school and everyone, including my family, used to say that I was faking it or seeking attention. Many kids also used to bully me and make fun of me.

As years passed I realized that none of that matters, I am a grown up now, I study at university and I am braver than I used to be. I think it’s something special and doesn’t matter what people think, they won’t let me down or low my trust in myself. I really love myself now and I’m not afraid of speaking in front of people.

Don’t be afraid and don’t care about what people say to you or whenever they make fun of you. Stand up for yourself, speak, be brave, confident, and love yourself more. Don’t let people underestimate you and speak up publicly. You’re special, and you got this!

Dear world, stop making fun of people who stutter because you never know whether it is because of something they went through as a kid just like me or is it genetic. Be kind to them, give them the time to speak, don’t correct their words and don’t complete them.

The world needs less bullying and more compassion.

The story of Kholoud gives the message of bravery and loving yourself. Understanding the challenges and difficulties that she faced because of her speech impediment not only increased her confidence, but also helped her to become a better person and be more in control and empowered.

She learned to accept her stutter and understand that although it is a part of her, it does not define who she is. Understanding her stutter helped her to accept and love herself and that has allowed her to be a more empathetic person.

Being vulnerable comes with a sense of empowerment that can help you shed the fear of the future and if you will ever achieve your goals and dreams. Your stutter does not limit or define you. You deserve to have dreams and go after them like everyone else.

Living a life without fear and humiliation of your stutter is an exhilarating feeling that every individual who stutters deserves to feel.

A quote that holds true to the emotion of self-love by Rupi Kaur “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

Love yourself and others will learn to love you the same way. Your journey starts from you, how you see yourself is what others will see. Be your biggest advocate, stand up for yourself.

We are here to empower your voice and inspire others through your story and experiences. So share your story with us and we will share it with the world!

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